I started my Diplomarbeit "Photoelektronenspektroskopie an Metallclustern" in June 2005 in Prof. Ganteförs group at Universität Konstanz. The title of the thesis is not that significant, at the moment we investigate catalysis effects on small gold clusters.

Clusters are by definition only a few atoms, lets say 3 to 10000. In our case, the clusters are in the range of 10 atoms. In this regime, every atom counts, that means that with every atom you add or remove, the properties of the cluster can change dramatically.

In my experiments small size selected deposited gold clusters are investigated. The oxidation behaviour of small gold clusters in the gas phase shows an even-odd alternation. That means, that all clusters with an even number of gold atoms react with oxygen. On the other hand the odd numbered clusters do not show such a reaction.

Other researchers used other surfaces for this experiment such as MgO, never found an even-odd alternation, only some of the clusters of a certain size seem to react. In my case the clusters were deposited on a SiO2-Si-Wafer. Offering an amount of atomic oxygen leads to an oxidation state of the Au4f electron level. As a result a weak even-odd alternation was found.

In June 2006, I finished the thesis, so this is the result of the year. Here are two versions, first one is the print version (for duplex printing). The second one is a online pdf version with useable links.

print version
PDF online version



Here are some scripts (bash, php, gnuplot, ..) I wrote over the year to get, convert, edit, ... data.


Just some tips for writing and layouting the thesis.
Latex Tips for the thesis

Talks about the Diploma Thesis

I gave a talk about to the other students in february 2006 which you can find here
PDF version of the slides


During my Diplomarbeit I was involved in some publications from our group at first Young Dok Kim