Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum (FP) at Universität Konstanz


Documentation to my experiments

program to convert compton data

This program converts the binary stored data of the multi channel card in the compton experiment (and the relativistic electrons) into more easily usable ASCII data. The program is a quick and dirty variant. I wrote it in only a few minutes one night. It converts the data and sends the results to stdout. Anyway, you can pipe this data to a file. (piping: redirecting to another stream)

I have written and compiled the program for several OS and platforms:

To use like:
messin2 data_file
and when piping to a file
messin2 data_file > ausgabedatei

removing in ESR experiment

Everybody who worked on the ESR experiment and is using a intelligent operating system to work with the data has the problem with this shitty "" (thnx to Mr. Stachel)
Just get my script that removes the annoying "" in the data file (txt).

Mössbauer experiment: 10 columns to normal

for the Mössbauer experiment, the computer generates a file with 10 columns (great idea :-( ). My script just creates a simple output on stdout out of the 10 columns.

just use as:
./moess DATEI.SPE > filename