PP - Projektpraktikum instead of AP

In summer 2002, we ( Moritz Bubek, Markus Müller, Daniel Träutlein, Tim Thomay, Pascal Frank und Markus Beyer ) decided to take part on the Projektpraktikum PP instead of the normal physical undergraduate practica AP at Universität Konstanz. In the PP our group could decide about our own projects, experiments, problems and questions. There were two groups and they both did 4 experiments.

On every of these 4 projects, a small documentation with our results was written.


two color holography and computational holography

We tried to create holographs with two colors. After taking the first picture, we expanded the film in a solution. Then we took a second picture on the same film. So we had a holography film which works with two wave lengths.

In the second part, we tried to create computer based holography on a small display.


Ettinghauseneffect with Bismuth

The Ettinghausen effect is an effect related the Nernst or the Hall effect. When applying a magnetic field on a piece of material and send a current perpendicular to this field, one can measure a small temperature gradient perpendicalur to the current and the magnetic field. Compare with Hall effect.


Chaotic systems: water droplets

When water droplets drop down of a water tap, the frequency is not linear but chaotic.



Very impressive experiment, no results. Not a good idea for an undergraduate experiment !


Conclusion and hints for future PP-participants

conclusion on PP