Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum Universität Konstanz


Reports for all the experiments I did during the FP

  • Compton effect
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Mass spectrometry
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Solar cells
    (with Christian Kasztelan) PDF
  • Relativistische Elektronen
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Mikrowellen
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Elektronen Spin Resonanz
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Winkelkorrelation
    (with Claudia Gnahm) PDF
  • Raman-Effekt
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Oberfächenplasmonen
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF
  • Mössbauer-Effekt
    (with Dennis Rettinger) PDF
  • Laserphysik
    (with Andrej Grimm) PDF

Multiple small scripts for the FP experiments

Compton effect binary data converter

A small program to convert the binary data from the MultiChannel measurement program to ASCII. Also usable for the relativistic electrons experiment. It returns the data on stdout and can be piped into a new file

Here is the source code and different binaries for different platforms.

./messin2 data_file

remove \0 character in the ESR data

In every single line in the ESR data file, there is an additional \0. Just remove it with this script.

Mössbauer experiment: 10 columns to one

The data file of the Mössbauer experiment is weired. To reshape the 10 columns into a single one use this script. It just returns the data on stdout

./moess DATEI.SPE > filename