Sonos Play 1 replacement

About eight years ago, I thought about buying new audio equipment as my old one was broken. At that time, for me the Sonos environment fullfilled all my wishes and requirements. It could handle my own music and no need for any registration or connection to the internet was necessary.

This changed dramatically, when in 2018 Sonos forced everybody to register. If you denied the registration, your hardware was bricked. First I was looking for a new audio environment, but I didn't find an appropriate one. And on the other hand I bought hardware for almost 1000€ from Sonos and don't want to loose all of it. At that time I decided to modify the Sonos Play 1 hardware and to develop my own audio system.

More information to come soon

Hardware modification

Keep the case, the speaker and the power supply. Install a Raspberry Pi Zero W inside the case with some Hifiberry sound card.


On the the Raspberry Pi Zero is running a raspbian system where the music player daemon (mpd) is giving the main functionality. In addition a small webserver is running on the raspberry. Please find the complete information about the software here.