Finally I managed to write down my recipe for mousse-au-chocolat. Till now, I did it every time by a rule of thumb estimation. This mousse-au-chocolat is NOT vegan, it contains sugar and it contains fat. And it is NOT made out of 90% chocolate. --> It really tastes good :-)


  • 3 Eggs
  • 150g dark chocolate (Zartbitterschokolade)
  • 33 g icing sugar
  • half a cup of whipping cream

Melt the chocolate carefully in a double boiler. Meanwhile separate eggs and mix egg yolk with the icing sugar. Whisk the egg white stiff. Slowly give the chocolat into the yolk sugar mixture and subsequent carefully the stiff egg white also. Finally whisk the cream and add to the mousse. Keep it in a cool place (refrigerator) for some hours.

Enjoy, maybe with some raspberry sauce