Seminars and talks

Das Frühstadium des Universums

"Early stage of the universe" in the seminar of Professor Dehnen "Kosmologie und Sternentwicklung" in the WS 2002/03

Talk about what happenend in the early stage of the universe, the first 300000 years.

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"Quantum cryptography" in the seminar of Professor Nielaba "Quantencomputing und Quanteninformationstheorie" in SS 2003

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Nanotube Nanodevices

"Nanotube Nanodevices" in the seminar of Professor Ganteför "Clusterphysik" in WS 2003/04

Creating electrical nanodevices like nano transistors (FETs) out of carbon nanotubes.



Talk about "GnuPG in use" in the "Diplomanden Seminar" in summer 2005 (and Ganteför group meeting in English)

Functionality of the RSA algorithm, how to use asymetric encryption, how to send email with encryption and how to sign keys.

Presentation in german
Presentation in english

Pulserzeugung durch Modenkopplung

Talk about pulse shaping with mode locking in the Laserphysik course summer 2004 together with Tim Thomay. These are just 5 slides.

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